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Donna Howell-Sickles Work in Print

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All posters retail for $65.00 unless otherwise noted and are signed by the artist.

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Rubie, Ruth and Neva Jo Keeping out the Bears
24.5" x 29"
The white horse of the hero is nestled between two friends, who lean on each other and the horse for support.  As befits the bonds of friendship, the horse has no reins.  The Indian blanket symbolizing relationship can be glimpsed on the horse's left side.
Rubie, Ruth and Neva Jo
24" x 34.5"
Here the three Cowgirls are brought together on the Indian blanket beneath their feet.  Although they form a triad with a single guardian, their individuality is emphasized by the clothes they wear.
Keeping Out The Bears
24" x 34.5"
In this painting, the bears signify the wilderness both outside and within, for, by building and painting the fence, the Cowgirl has put order in her life.  She paints the fence red, symbolizing passion and will, which tells us that she has seen herself as a whole and has identified those parts of herself that need the protection of the fence.
Circle of Rainbows Taking the Reins Friends in Good Standing

Circle of Rainbows
24" x 36"
The Cowgirl sits within a circle formed by her catch of eight fish.  Behind her, a frieze of twelve creation deities stands for the circle that is life, and perhaps the twelve months of the year.  Traditionally, the rainbow is a symbol of the bridge between the earth and heaven.

Taking The Reins
24" x 36"
Calm and possessed, the Cowgirl takes the reins by needing none. With her watchful guardian counseling her choices and empowered by her companions and the emergent triangles, she is ready to journey. This piece was painted for three New Mexico organizations dedicated to bolstering the self-confidence and abilities of young women. The Cowgirl represents the potential future of all young women.
Timeless Image of the Cowgirl

24" X 19"

Retail $50.00
Cow Dog School Moon Dog Chasers and Palomino Racers

Cow Dog School
24" x 36"

Moon Dog Chasers and Palomino Racers
34" x 25"